What is a Critical Incident Debriefing?
“A critical incident debriefing is used for the purposes of constructively supporting officers involved in shootings and other use-of-force incidents that may trigger the investigate process. ”
 At IFP we follow the Officer Involved Shooting Guidelines, which can be found at the following link,  http://www.theiacp.org/portals/0/documents/pdfs/Psych-OfficerInvolvedShooting.pdf), which were  created by the Police Psychological Services Section (http://www.theiacp.org/psych_services_section
 of the International Association of Chiefs of  Police (www.theiacp.org).
Information for Departments and Agencies
If you are sending an officer to IFP for critical incident debriefing, please review the information explained in the IACP Guidelines (Section 6) in the above referenced document.

6.4 The initial post-shooting and other critical incident intervention should occur within one week after the shooting incident. The initial goal should be to reduce stress, assess and “normalize” any problematic post-incident reactions, and provide education regarding the management of any problematic post-incident reactions. Particular attention should be paid to maintaining sleep functioning, accessing social support, and avoiding excessive alcohol use. Officers should be assisted in preparing themselves and their loved ones for inaccurate, negative or inflammatory comments in the media, including TV, print media, and the Internet.
Information for Candidates
If a department or agency is sending you to IFP for a Critical Incident Debriefing, please click here for instructions and information about what to expect on the date of your appointment.